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California Trout

Published on Aidpage by IDILOGIC on Dec 28, 2005

Basic info

Name: California Trout
Address: SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94102-3023
Web site: no data
Type: Organization which receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or the general public

Organization activities as reported to IRS

NTEE category (what is NTEE?)

Fisheries Resources

Organizations that provide for the conservation, protection and management of different species of fish by establishing coastal, lake, reservoir or other inland fisheries where different species of fish are hatched in protected environments and used to stock public waters that have been depleted.
NTEE broader category


Private nonprofit organizations whose primary purpose is to provide for the care, protection and control of wildlife and domestic animals that are a part of the living environment; to help people develop an understanding of their pets; and to train animals for purposes of showing.
Includes: organizations that develop and maintain fisheries resources and wildlife habitats to preserve and protect endangered species and other wildlife; humane societies; veterinary services; aquariums; and zoos.
Excludes: organizations that focus on livestock.

Financial data as reported to IRS for tax period ending: Dec 1, 2004

Assets: $870,276
Total Revenue: $1,845,860
Income: $2,670,650

IRS registration data

IRS registered name: CALIFORNIA TROUT
IRS district of jurisdiction: Northern California
Federal EIN: 23-7097680
Ruling date: Apr 1, 1971
Classified by IRS as: Charitable Organization

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